72 Vodafone hours = Eternity?

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72 Vodafone hours = Eternity?

by RomuloMendesDeAraujo New Poster
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How many hours I am expected to wait when Vodafone tells me a technician will get in touch in 72hours?



Only asking because it been 336 hours since I have formally requested to my broadband plan to be moved from address A to address B and nobody got in touch.


Worst, I called 4x times (in 4 different days) and I got same BS answer.


- Someone will call you in 72hours to let you know WHEN we will solve your problem SR.


haha, i don't believe you.


Does the clock reset every time I call? If it does, PLEASE, let me know.



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Re: 72 Vodafone hours = Eternity?

by Senior Contributor gregmcc Senior Contributor
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I honestly think this is one of the major problem VF has - How difficult is it for VF to actually follow thru on what they say.


I'm still waiting on a 24-48hr callback from over a week and 1/2 ago, Maybe because VF have contracted out some of their services the staff that deal with calling people back actually live in a different dimesnsion where time goes at a much slower rate?



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