4 months and still waiting...for a landline

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4 months and still waiting...for a landline

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Back in February, I made the decision to ring customer service as my wife wanted a landline and since it was only supposed to be $10 more a month, I figured it would be easy enough. 

I was told at the time, I would need to change my account to get the landline and that would put me on a new fixed term contract.  However, to offset this, Vodafone would upgrade my FIbrex 200 to Unlimited for free.  I was also asked if i wanted to merge my broadband account with my mobile and i'm now thinking this was a bad mistake..


Every month I ring up to see the status of this request and every time i'm told the same thing - that someone will contact me to get it actioned and that it's a priority.  It's now been close to 4 months and not a single **bleep** thing has changed.  I've still never been contacted and the only time I hear anything is when I ring up myself.  Quite frankly, i'm tired of being promised the same thing over and over and having nothing happen.


To say this is poor customer service is an understatement.



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Re: 4 months and still waiting...for a landline

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Yes , Vodafones customer service is non=existant. I would rather call IRD and tell them i owe them money than call vodafone for anything. You need to take a days leave just to get through to them.

Could possibly try going up the chain of command until some one takes action? eg speak to the Managers Manager and so on.

Good luck

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