18/06/2020 Upload Speed less that 3.5Mbps on Ye Old Telstra Cable

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18/06/2020 Upload Speed less that 3.5Mbps on Ye Old Telstra Cable

by Ben-Pritchard New Poster
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18/06/2020 Upload Speed less than 3.5Mbps on Ye Old Telstra Cable

Hi Team,

This connection is supposed to have 10mbps upload however all morning it has been averaging 3-4mbps upload, after having contacted the support team who were unable to verify my account (don’t ask me I’m not the SDA), transfer me to a support team or even escalate to a manager (mostly due to the support team having been outsourced to a country that is still practicing isolation [good for them]) I have been left feeling rather dissatisfied with the service provided.

I opted for a cisco modem so that my home wifi network could be managed via my Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (not a cheap piece of hardware) After having performed the usual troubleshooting of unplugging both modem and router, trace routes and pings and even multiple destinations on Ookla’s I was able to determine that the fault is with the connection provided by Vodafone and not anything here at the source of traffic.

The support teams insistence that the issue is with my wifi on a third party router and that it needs to be factory reset is nonsensical to say the least.

Speedtest screenshots can be provided with results of destinations VFNZ Wellington, VHA Sydney (to simulate the closest twitch server for when I stream) and Xtreme Networks Wellington all with similar results for upload speed.

Can someone in Venue poke whoever is oncall with a stick?

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Re: 18/06/2020 Upload Speed less that 3.5Mbps on Ye Old Telstra Cable

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@Ben-Pritchard  Does your client support AX aka WiFi6? 


But 10Mbp/s uplink on older WiFi standards are pi$$ easy I get 800Mbp/s down and 500Mbp/s up on AC from my Fritzbox 7590 on 2degrees

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