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I have a new broadband set up for our new house at 86 Rochfort Rd, Havelock North (my wife is living there now) and I shift in 2 weeks time and at that point I will cancel my Spark Broadband account.

Please advise what will happen and what options my wife and I have for either keeping or getting a new email address  (currently it is details removed).



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Re: email

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Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, we don't offer email anymore. So, would recommend either chatting with Spark about keeping email (possible cost) or migrate your email to cloud services such as Google, Would allow a cross=over period so that all your contacts get your new email etc.


Personally, have used Google for many years and never had an issue across devices and their spam filters etc are very good.


Hope that helps.





PS Removed your personal details to avoid them getting trawled by spammers.

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