Vodafone smart N8

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Vodafone smart N8

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I have Vodafone broadband and have had 3 visitors show up and use my internet. All 3 have had vodafone smart N8 devices and as soon as they connect their phone starts a reboot loop restarting the phone and eithin 10 seconds it will restart again and the only way to stop it is to turn off the Wi-Fi or take the phone away from the Wi-Fi signal. How do I do this. My daughter has been given an N8 for her birthday and I want her to be able to use it. All 3 N8 devices connect to other wireless networks without issue and all other devices connect to my home wifi without issue. I called the vodafone helpdesk and they said it's likely a problem with the battery but these phones are practically brand new. No more then 2 months old at the time of the issue. Any ideas what coyld be the cause or how to stop it?

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