VFD 300 how fix low internal storage message

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VFD 300 how fix low internal storage message

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Bought a VFD 300 -VODAFONE Smart Mini 7. 


After the android software updated it ran out of internal storage space. I added a 32 gig SD card, formatted as an extension (NOT a removable device) and made it the default write disk. powered off/on and tried to migrate data using the  guide.


Some data was migrated on to the  SD card but still see warning message that internal storage is low. No extra apps installed just the basic ones. Some apps want to update but no space.


There was a code that it looked like could be used to truncate the log files #9900# and this particular phone does not recognise it.


Only other thing that i thought could work might be factory reset but I do not want to lose all the text message history (cant back that up either). I stopped the automatic backup and even though the gmail account does still exist phone will not back up any more.


Is there a command to delete the extra files from the android update or otherwise make space?

Is there an easy way to transfer all the text message history from the phone before bad things happen

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