So what's Samsung doing with tardy OS updates in NZ?

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So what's Samsung doing with tardy OS updates in NZ?

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Samsung promised a couple of years ago that it was going to roll out monthly updates to most of its devices, especially the high-end units; to which it started to do.


However, in the last year or so, it has slipped back to a 2 + monthly update routine for all of its phones in NZ, including many of those top-level models like the S7/S7E.


While the US, India and parts of Europe are receiving the December security patch for S7/S7E right now, and this was after the November patch just last month, we in NZ appear to be stuck on the October security patch, which came out in early December for my phone!


Are we, as a minority market in terms of population and number of devices sold, being told we don't matter?


With the increase of potential risks due to hacking, malware, and other attempts to steal/sell private data or even force us to use expensive payware due to poor coding of an app or an app breached by a third-party hack, is it not a good idea to have the latest patches?


Yes, I do have a market leading Security package on my phone, but this is not a panacea nor should it be.


Yes, I am aware that the Note 7 issue may have contributed to this, but Samsung's software division is not the hardware division.


Can Vodafone shed some light on this?



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