Samsung S7

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Samsung S7

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Samsung s7 was sending texts to email as well.  Turned of the sync but now dont get any sound notification when text comes through.  Can you advise how to set so receive sound but I dont want the texts showing up in my email

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Re: Samsung S7

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Did you get this resolved?

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Re: Samsung S7

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Sounds like you may have Enhanced Messaging turned on.


With your message app open, click on the overflow button top right (three verticle dots), click on Settings, then check that Enhanced Messaging is OFF. If ON, turn off.


Below that is Notifications for Messaging, which shoud be ON. Press and hold Notifications to get more features. Here you can change the default notification sound to whatever you have installed.


Both Pop-up Display and Preview Message can be ON or OFF depending on what you like.


Once you have the setting you like, close the app and then ask someone to send you a message, or if you have another phone, send from that.



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