PXT messaging MMS

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PXT messaging MMS

by GerardYvetteCrombie New Poster
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Could you please help me with the correct APN settings for MMS (possibly update). For PXT messaging MMS I have been using the setting below but as both my security cameras have stopped sending pictures (no problem with messages), I suspect there has been a change to the Vodafone protocols . I think whatever changed it was possibly late last year. This is what I am using:-

HTTP Port: 8080
WAP Port: 9201
APN User:
APN Password:

My cameras are trying to send pictures but are unsuccessful and eventually timeout.

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Re: PXT messaging MMS

by cdnz New Poster
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Did u ever resolve this ? I have a V900 gsm alarm camera which never missed a bear for 8 years, then all of a sudden one day last year it could no longer send pxt. Txt is fine. I've spent endless hour's trying to find out why without any joy. Posted on this forum last year to be told Vodafone has not changed anything. Seems something has changed if others have the same problem...
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