Never getting 4g signal, only 3g

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Never getting 4g signal, only 3g

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I got a vodafone prepaid sim card a month ago but I never get 4G signal (3G is fine) since then. I have tried the following steps but still 3g only. Please help me get 4g signal on my mobile, Thank you.


Device: Samsung Galaxy S9


1. Instruction from Vodafone website

Turn Mobile Data On-> Enter www in APN-> Go to Network mode and select LTE/4G

--> Still 3G!!


2. Add APN 

setting ->connections->mobile networks->Access Point Names->add

--> still....


3. Got 4g reception when I reserted my husband's sim. 


4. Visited a Vodafone store to check if my sim card has any problems, but they confirmed my sim card has no issue at all. (They told me it seems my mobile problems, not network.. but no problem with other sim cards, and I bought this mobile last year!)


Please help!!

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Re: Never getting 4g signal, only 3g

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Issue sounds like 4G is not provisioned on the Vodafone side 


Call Vodafone and say you would like a fault ticket logged to the tech team to check HLR / CSDB and 4G is active

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