Mic not working on calls and OK google

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Mic not working on calls and OK google

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Hi team

My VFD 700 Smart ultra 7 has an issue with sound recording on calls and Google Assistant. I can hear callers but they cannot hear me etc. Recording sound on Sound Recorder does work however. After extensive searches online these are the things I have tried without success.

1 Rebooting several times

2 Factory reset

3 Replacing the microphone sub board with a new one

4 Turning off/on all permissions associated with sound recording (WhatsApp, Phone, Google etc)

5 Trying all options in Google assistant (eg turn off noise supression etc)

6 Cleaning the microphone opening in the case

7 Disabling apps to see if they are conflicting

8 Start in Safe Mode to see if installed apps were conflicting


One final thing: if I turn on speaker phone during a call then callers can hear me OK. 

There has been much written online about this issue with Android phones but none of the solutions work for me. Have I missed aything here?

Any help appreciated


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