I acquired Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 some weeks ago

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I acquired Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 some weeks ago

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Only two days ago when I was working in MS Word app with document it shut off. I've no idea what provoked it, but I got crashed data. Five of twenty pages in document vanished. I tried to do something owing to Google, but I couldn't find any trustful solutions to repair word document. Moreover I've no idea how to operate it.

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Re: I acquired Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 some weeks ago

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When you restart a Microsoft Office program after a power failure or similar problem, the program automatically opens any recovered files. If for some reason the recovery file didn't open, you can open it yourself.

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click Open.
  2. On the Show pop-up menu, click All Documents.
  3. Locate the folder that contains your recovery files.

Each recovery file is named "AutoRecover save of file name."

  1. Open the recovery file.
  2. Click Save.
  3. In the Save As box, enter the name of the existing document.
  4. When you see a message asking whether you want to replace the existing document, click Yes.

Any recovery files that haven't been saved are deleted when you quit WordTips

  • If you can't open the recovery file, you can try to recover the text from the damaged file.
  • To find out or change where your recovery files are stored, click Preferences on the Word menu, and then click File Locations.
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