Galaxy S10+ Dual sim or not

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Galaxy S10+ Dual sim or not

by fjordlander New Poster
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I bought a Galaxy S10+ from the local vodafone shop last year.  Vodafones's website states the the S10+ they sell is hybrid dual SIM.  The sim/SD tray in mine however appears to only be nano SIM plus SD rather than SIM plus a choice of SD or SIM.

I would like to make use of the dual SIM functionality to avoid carrying work plus personal phones around. 

Is this a case of incorrect information at

or is the device not as advertised or can the sim tray be swapped to the one with the correct cut out for the 2nd nano SIM?

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Re: Galaxy S10+ Dual sim or not

by Staff SteveBrown Staff
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I asked around, and it looks like this was a case of incorrect information on that particular Userguide.

The sales information did not state anything about dual SIM.

In the meantime, the Userguide information has been updated.

For nano SIM - never bother cutting one, just start with the right size. We can help with a replacement SIM if you need that.

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