Can't download app or use data

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Can't download app or use data

by VanessaBurholt New Poster
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I've just moved from the UK and brought my Galaxy S7 with me. I have unlocked the phone from Vodafone UK and obtained a Vodafone NZ sim with unlimited data and calls. Two immediate problems: 1. I can't download the Vodafone NA app as it says it is not available in my country - presumably something else I have to reset on my phone, but I don't know what and 2. I can't use any data. Possibly for the same reasons. I have data roaming off, using Vodafone NZ account should not need that switched on, and I'm worried that if somehow my phone is still recognized as being in the UK I'll have huge charges.

PLEASE HELP - any ideas?

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Re: Can't download app or use data

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@VanessaBurholt  Make sure the internet APN is ' vodafone '


You might have to do a hard reset on your handset

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