Archiving, Labels and Solutions in Vodafone Community

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Archiving, Labels and Solutions in Vodafone Community

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Hello all

Just a quick update on recent happenings with the Vodafone Community.



You may or may not have noticed but the boards have been spruced up with anything more than a year old being archived. This is to ensure that the discussions on the Community are relevant and timely, and also to make it easier to find a topic or know to start a new one. There are some exceptions where Ninjas or others have created content or READ ME posts that have value beyond a year, so those we've kept. Every month, we'll tidy up and archive.



Labels in the Community serve a dual purpose. Many labels are devices (i.e. UltraHub or Galaxy S8) and these are available to you so that you can personalise your profile with your main and secondary devices to share a little info about you and also reassure those who read your replies about those devices that you have one and so are pretty likely to have good info to share.


The second purpose is to provide easy-to-use, one-click access to all posts and solutions tagged with that label. So, for example if you want to tap into all conversations about iPhone X, then when you see a post with that label, click on it and the search will show you all topics on iPhone X. And, of course, you can label your own or other folks' posts with labels as well. Those searches can be subscribed to as well, so when new conversations are labeled you'll get a notification that they're available. Handy if you're specifically interested in one device or service.


There will be a third purpose for labels for mobile customers but more on that in the New Year.



These are the lifeblood of the Community, so we've 2 new processes around solutions. The first is a sweep of topics every month to mark resolved topics as solutions, which is something that many of you already do (thanks for that!), so that you can more easily find solutions. The second part is to close solutions to further posts. This is to ensure that solutions stay focused as solutions and if a further topic is required that a new post is created for that.


Happy to hear any feedback about the Community, structure or processes. Just reply to this post or drop me a message.


Thanks for reading.



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Re: Archiving, Labels and Solutions in Vodafone Community

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Hi Mike.


Galaxy S7/S7 Edge have been omitted from the Samsung devices list and I have not been able to add this as my Primary device - S7 Edge. I have Note 4 as secondary added ok and S4 as other device added ok.


S6 models are there, as are S8, S5, S4, Note 5, Note 4, etc. Note 8 needs to be added as well, unless that has been since I last looked.


Curiously, I also note early december that the S7/S7 edge has gone elsewhere from Vodafone, while older devices are still listed. By missing, I mean no manuals or similar listed, while older and current Samsung devices are listed.


Can you shed some light on this?






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Re: Archiving, Labels and Solutions in Vodafone Community

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Hi Mike.


Please disregard as it's there now!



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Re: Archiving, Labels and Solutions in Vodafone Community

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Is it possible to have an archived post restored?  I am wanting to add to the following:


Re: Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 won't do software updates



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