iphone se

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iphone se

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would my iphone se with [Edit, removed IMEI no] imei will work when i am back to nz?I bought it and use it in europe.Thanks

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Re: iphone se

by Contributor SteveBrown Contributor
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Welcome to the Vodafone Community, CostelHuma


Your iPhone SE should work just fine on the Vodafone NZ network - you should check a couple of things to make sure.

  1. Look on the back cover to identify the model number. The model sold and supported in NZ is A1723.
  2. Some phones are sold Network-locked. Check with your current network to make sure. If it is locked, arrange an unlock with them. iPhone models sold by Vodafone NZ are not network locked - I'd exepct that the same is true for yours.


Model A1662 will work on NZ Networks, but will not work with 4G Band 28 at 700MHz (the APT version).

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