iPhone 7+ jet black pre-order

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iPhone 7+ jet black pre-order

by dickytim Starter Poster
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Well my iPhone is still showing " Ships when stock arrives"


I must have been the first, if not one of the first to order an iPhone 7+ in Jet Black 128gb in the country, Apple Spark or Vodafone, I was logged in at 6:58pm and my order completed at around 7:01pm with confirmation received at 7:03pm but still no decent information on when I am going to get my phone.


I am seeing this very model is being supplied to those that ordered directly from Apple already with a fair few arriving to their new owners on 29th Sept so what gives?


Is Apple giving Vodafone the royal salute? did Vodafone just forget to place their order?


My iPhone 6S+ is losing its resell value every day this does on!


I think next iPhone I am going to have to order directly from Apple, which is a shame as I have been a Vodafone customer for 15 years+ and made sure the last company I worked for stayed with Vodafone with 20+ mobile and land line services for 6+ years.

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Re: iPhone 7+ jet black pre-order

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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I'm sorry you've been let down, stock has been a real issue this year and I hope it something to be improved on next year.


I also ordered a 7+ Jet Black 128gb, my preorder was recieved at 7:01pm. It just got shipped today, hopefully will recieve tomorrow, so it sounds like yours shouldn't be far off Smiley Happy

- Sam

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Re: iPhone 7+ jet black pre-order

by dickytim Starter Poster
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my status of my order has finally changes to Pending...


But what does that mean? It has been pending since Tuesday morning.


The shine has really gone of this release for me.


Maybe Vodafone only got 1 x iPhone 7+ 128GB Jet Black and Sam got it?

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Re: iPhone 7+ jet black pre-order

by Frequent Poster BradenA Frequent Poster
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@dickytim - mine has been pending since last friday! I called yesterday, and should have my phone by Friday apparently. I don't know if I believe it or not, because everytime I talk to a different Vodafone staff member and they have a different opinion. 

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