iPhone 5s 'Searching' for signal continually!!

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iPhone 5s 'Searching' for signal continually!!

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I've done a reset the network

Removed and replaced the SIM card (the same card)

I have put it on airplane mdoe

Turned the deivce off and on



I'm running out of options. I did see something about the VPN, but it says not connected.



arrhhhhh : (

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Re: iPhone 5s 'Searching' for signal continually!!

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Hi @baggy



If this is ongoing are you able to try with another sim card in your phone to see if you get service that way?




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Re: iPhone 5s 'Searching' for signal continually!!

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Found this from the ifixit site


Talks about setting the correct date????

The key to this is issue is removing the battery. When you remove the battery from an iPhone and then replace it. In most cases the phone thinks the date is 1970 Jan 1st. AT this point you will not receive a signal.

The first thing to do is either manually set the date or to connect to wifi and let it set automatically. Then restart the phone with the sim card in and Hey Presto! You will get the signal back.


Worth a shot since you have done everything else

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