SMTP Clearnet

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SMTP Clearnet

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Hi, I'm an old user who has been migrated over to vodafone as my email provider. 2 degrees are my mobile provider and they also provide my braodband at home.  I've for some reason been using as my SMTP server on ,my iphone 6S plus, but recently that has stopped working, and i get the "server does not allow relaying" message.  What SMTP server should I use, and what port?  Anyone knowSmiley Happy ?

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Re: SMTP Clearnet

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Hey @neilfoy!

Sounds like you may have had your mobile with Spark prior to switching to 2degrees? You'll need to set up your SMTP server details to whatever 2degrees uses. You'd have to give them a call to find out which settings to use for that though sorry as we can't see what they are. 

Hopefully that helps you out a bit Smiley Happy

^Zane Cat Happy

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