Issue sending SMS to a single nz number after changing to NZ sim

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Issue sending SMS to a single nz number after changing to NZ sim

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Hi All

Need help on this please:




iPhone User from Australia (Aussie iPhone) now in New Zealand 18 months ago changed to NZ Vodafone number.  All contacts and iCloud information retained from Australia.


Manually changed mobile numbers with international dialing code in contacts (+642xxxxxxxx) to local number (02xxxxxxxx).  All except 1 Spark number are able to be text.


When attempting to text this one Spark number user recieves the following message.


"Sorry,The destination 116427XXXXXXX does not exis.  Bal 777, Callme 798, MyAddons 756, IOU 468, Blacklist 713, DriveSafe 760, RechargeVoucher to 887"


Attempted solutions:


1.  Delete contact from phone and sms number 027xxxxxxx directly - Fail (Same Error Message)

2.  Factory Reset iPhone - New Phone Setup - Manually sms numner 027xxxxxxx directly - Fail (Same Error Message)

3.  Put different sim in iPhone exhibiting issue - Failed (Same Error Message)

4.  Put sim in different iPhone sent text to 027xxxxxxxx - SUCCESS!


Phone has been replaced by Apple in Australia when it was first exhibiting the problem but same problem occurs.


Ninja's were helpful, but unable to resolve.


Can anyone assist.








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Re: Issue sending SMS to a single nz number after changing to NZ sim

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That is really weird,I wonder why its putting the 11 in front of the country code (64)? The fact that it worked in the other iPhone suggests its a phone issue rather than network, but Ive never heard of this before sorry.


Anyone else have any ideas?

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