Iphone7 Battery

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Iphone7 Battery

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I am wondering if my iphone 7 battery is faulty.  I have noticed for awhile that the battery drains very quickly.  I recently did a number of tests.  One was just leaving the phone on overnight - the battery drained from 94% to 64% by the morning.  The other, I TURNED the phone OFF overnight - on turning off, the battery was at 86%, when turning on in the morning, the battery was at 63%.  Any help would be much appreciated. I am a weee bit tech savvy, but not overly, so please keep any instructions/ideas simple.

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Re: Iphone7 Battery

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Hi @LindaMarie,


It seems a bit strange that the battery is being drained pretty fast.


Try going into Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off services that you don't need.


Also try closing the app once you have finished using it.


If you still experience the same issue then try performing a factory rest on your phone and set it up as a new phone or get in touch with Apple NZ on 00800 7666 7666 and they will be able to investigate it further.

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