Iphone 6 issues

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Iphone 6 issues

by BradyC New Poster
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HI, Having some serious issues with my Iphone 6

over the last 6 months things have gone from bad to worse.

Beginning with the odd stall and crash, the phone now barely lasts half a day before it starts to shut off while loading something. Its like it gets brain freeze and shuts down.

Ususally when I plug it in the phone shows 50% or higher, so its a bit frustrating.

I originally bought the phone with a plan and payed it off. Now i'm tempted to bin it!

the screen sticks sometimes, and the functionality is just getting worse..

Recently the connection to Voda has been usless. Both cell and data conections are patchy at best, and the **bleep** thing couldnt run Maps to save itself at present. Everytime, it stalls and cant correctly locate me and follow the route.

Anyone have these same issues? Any ideas? Vodafone I'v been with you a long time so i hope one of the ninjas on here has some answers!

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Re: Iphone 6 issues

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Hi @BradyC,


It seems like a software issue. I would suggest you to perform a factory rest on your phone and set up the iPhone as a new iPhone instead of restoring the back up and see how it goes.


You can alternatively call Apple's technical team on 00800 7666 7666 and they will be able to look further into it for you if the factory reset doesnt work for you.

Kind regards,
Arif Khan.
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