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Interest Free

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If I'm going to apply for a mobile plan like iPhone, for example, 24 months interest fee and the total monthly cost is $116.24 because of the Red+ lite plan. But on your website, it says that it is $56.25 per month in 24 months of pay. Can I get rid of the $59.99 Red+ Lite and just pay the $56.25 per month? And just in case that I cannot get rid of it, can I finish the plan early, like 6 months?

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Re: Interest Free

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In order to pay a phone off interest free over 12 or 24 months, you need to have it attached to an active postpay plan.


The $116.24 per month is the total cost for the monthly plan and phone payments.


You can cancel the plan at any time, however if you do so, you'll recieve a bill with the total amount left owing on the phone, which you would need to pay all at once.

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