Failed renew prepay plan

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Failed renew prepay plan

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I'm using Prepay carry over 19 and received this txt at 29th April.
"Prepay Carry Over 19 renews overnight on 02-05-2017 for 19.00 dollars. Top up now to have credit for your plan to renew and so you don't lose your carry over."

So I top up $20 and received this txt at 30th April.
"Vodafone: Gr8, yr credit card top up of $20.00 was successful @ 8:33pm 30/04/2017. Yr available credit is now $20.21 Ref 83333919. Pls keep 4 yr records"

But right before I just realized my plan didn't renew and my $20 was gone. I can't understand what happen. Could you please explain why it is and how I can prevent like this happening?
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Re: Failed renew prepay plan

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That would mean that you used up some of the credit between topping up and the 2nd when the plan was due to renew, so there wasn't atleast $19 to topup.

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