Charged by UK Txt +447786205094

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Charged by UK Txt +447786205094

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In my latest bill, there is a charge for Int Txt to this number, +447786205094. I called Vdfn customer service, and they advised it's been charged by Facetime or iMessage for activated. It is strange cause my Facetime or iMessage already been used on my iPhone 5. Will it be continuous charge for future use of Facetime or iMessage? By the way, is there any other way to activate Facetime or iMessage, such as on the website? Anyone can help, thanks!

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Re: Charged by UK Txt +447786205094

by Retired Staff johnr Retired Staff
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Hi calvinl


After the latest iOS7 update Facetime / imessage would of had to activate again, These services are only activated via SMS from the handset





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Re: Charged by UK Txt +447786205094

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This happens each time you do an IOS update on your mobile. Sadly there is no other option to activate these services such as online. Its an app service on your device only,


Hope that helps!





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Re: Charged by UK Txt +447786205094

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So then why would I have been charged for a text to this number on my Android phone? And why doesn't it show up in my messaging history?

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