Broken iPhone 7 - Insurance

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Broken iPhone 7 - Insurance

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Hi there,


So I accidently knocked my iphone 7 128gb phone off the kitchen bench and it landed face down on our kitchen floor. The screen is black and wont turn on or anything. It's buggered.

I have contents insurance through ASB and was wondering how much it would be to upgrade to the iphone 7+ 128gb?


My excess is $250, but I am wanting to know how much extra I would need to pay to upgrade to the 7+ 128gb?


Also, I brought this phone from Spark (not on a contract), but changed my network to Vodafone about 2/3 months ago. Would I go into Vodafone or Spark to get the new phone?




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Re: Broken iPhone 7 - Insurance

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These are all questions for the ASB not Vodafone.


Depends whether ASB provides you a cash payment for the phone, or if they decide to replace it.


If cash payment, then you pay difference between payment given by ASB and the price of a new iPhone 7+ 128GB.


If replacement then maybe they will not even give you the option to upgrade.


You will not go into a Vodafone Store or to a Spark store, your dealings will be with your insurance company (ASB) and they will explain what you need to do to get a replacement..



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