Vodafone Mobile app

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Vodafone Mobile app

by BronwynLongden New Poster
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The Vodafone Mobile app on my Windows Phone only offers the option to topup my prepay in Rand(?). How do I fix this? I want to pay in NZ dollars.

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Re: Vodafone Mobile app

by Contributor Valleyman Contributor
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How can you have Vodafone Mobile app on a windows phone? when there isnt a vodafone mobile app for windows phones.

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Re: Vodafone Mobile app

by girih2u Starter Poster
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Hi, I have anokia lumia 930.. Its quite surprising that vodafone NZ doesnt have their app on the windows store. It was available in India. Is there any chance that vodafone will have the app available on the windows store any time soon or is there a way to work around this and some ther app that connects us to vodafone nz on the windows store . 

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