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HI Angela


I have the same message. I have just been on the phone to Vodafone for quite some time and the lady repeatedly tells me that when I enter my password it will take me to a secure site. This is not good enough and I could not get it through to her initially that I want to enter my password on an already secure site.


In Chrome when you check on the little i in the circle in the address bar and click on 'learn more' there is a suggestion to change the address to https:// in front of the web address, which I did and I was then on a secure site. Chrome also recommends we contact the site owner and request they secure their site with HTTPS. I was going round in circles trying to tell the technician I wanted a secure login page and she did say she would put the suggestion forward. In this day and age of dodgy emails and hackers they should address this problem immediately.


Note: I access Clear and Vodafone. They both have the same issues. And they are supposed to be the experts!


I think I will buy a top up at the supermarket. So much easier.




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