Why I hate Vodafone more than even Spark and others!

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Why I hate Vodafone more than even Spark and others!

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Two years ago I spotted a deal on their website so called them signed up for an Unlimited internet broadband with no capping/data throtthling along with a device that I can use to view freeview through my Fibre. Once done, representative said sorry I forgot to add the TV box into order but don't worry I make a comment here and it will get sent to you.

Within next 7 months I called and called and callled. They were pretenting that there is no comment. And there is nothing they can do. They were all rude. some very very rude. I called them 12-13 times withing that 7 months (imagine I had to stay on the line for 40-50 minutes for each call in order to talk a representative) and then I decided to buy aerial antenna and forget about the box!


After 12 months my contract was over and I called them to confirm that with them so I can move out. They guy was so so polite and said wait I transfer you to the right person. Believe me or not! someone answered the phone within 10seconds and was even more polite. He put me on hold, got back to me and said eventhough we no longer have this deal, but I will renew the exact same contract and this time I make sure you do get the tv box.

Cool cool. I received the box within a few weeks and started noticing lag and slow sleep on my fibre. Guess what? they applied throttling/speed capping! I started to call again for few times and they did nothing... I explained they renewed my old contract and there was no throuttling on it. I WOULD NOT SIGN IT IF I KNEW THERE IS THROUTTLING. I gave up. after 12 months I called them and they confirmed my contract is over. I moved to another ISP. Called them and cancelled my account. Believe me or not, I asked few times, is there anything I need to return? any box? moddem? cables? anything. they said no. I asked again. she said no.


NOW AFTER 2 MONTHS I HAVE GOT A BILL THAT I OWE $400 because I have not sent the tv box back.

WHY? WHY  i was not informed about this. I asked the representative few times. 


How could these many things go wrong in just one customer?  is this how they treat other customers too?



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Re: Why I hate Vodafone more than even Spark and others!

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Thanks for your post. Very sorry to hear about your experience, that's certainly not how we would like you to have been treated and certainly not the usual experience.


Sorry again.



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