Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

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Re: Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

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It is sad how I was duped into getting this product, I was a happy customer of MySky and frustrated to the max. 

- TV3, I knew it cannot be recorded but I was told you can catch up for last 3 days, which is actually completely false. I was told if that fails you can watch on-demand, false again.

If you hit pause on TV3 and is paused beyond the time where live broadcast is actually finished, you will not be able to finish watching whatever you paused. On-demand is 24h delayed so you will not watch it there either and there is no 3-day catchup on the majority of content on TV3.


- Vodafone TV cost way more then mySky for way less functionality 


Those two things were not told to me, I was lied to repeatedly as I asked specific questions around it, I asked to have a trial but it is not possible now I know why since I would see on my own eyes that what I really want isn't there. I was promised one price but invoice came close to double that and nobody can explain to me why I'm charged so much more then what is marketed on Vodafone website.

Buyer beware it might be good for some but if primary watching is TV1 TV2 TV3 it is no go here.




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