Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

by mikep88 New Poster
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Some feedback after using VodafoneTV for a week.


The Good

+ Fast and responsive device - apart from turning it on.

+ Great remote.

+ Content loads quick and renders to HD quickly (over Fibre).

+ Casting from tablet to TV works awesomely. Feels similar to Chromecasting.



The Bad

= I'm overloaded with content which I can only add to a watchlist (and I can't actually watch). This appears to be mostly movie titles - so I'm assuming it relates to a content subscription. If I haven't subscribed to it, dont drown the front page of the interface in stuff I can't watch.

= The UI has some moderate functional issues (e.g. you have to select a weird small box to play content, not the highlighted episode description).

= Fast forwarding is blind. You don't get snippets (visual cues) to know how far you are progressing through an episode.



The Ugly

- Can't add shows to watchlist (aka My Shows) - this is dumb. I don't want to have to use the search mechanism for a show I'm going to watch regularly.

- Doesn't track progression through and episode (i.e. where you left off), or even the last episode you watched. Again, an expected basic feature.

- Totally restrictive on content to record, watch on-demand, and watching a 'recorded show'. There is a huge user experience difference between with what you can watch on the set box, and what you can watch on the mobile device - whether on demand or recorded. If I'm falling back to other on-demand services and Apps (e.g. TVNZ, Three Now), what's the point of this service.

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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

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The old service used multicast for live TV programs so required some network set-up if not using a vodafone issued modem / router.


Is the new VodafoneTV service also multicast for live streams?

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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

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I've been using the new Vodafone TV STB since November 4th and here are a few things that have happened since I started using this service, or would like to see added.


1. On occasion, the STB is totally unresponsive to the Power On command from the remote (using supplied batteries), in that it fails to power on. Pressing the Power button on the remote illuminates the button and the STB red LED flashes once... Then nothing happens. The box is plugged into HDMI1 socket (there are 3 on my TV) and the TV is turned on and switched to HDMI1 before the STB is powered on. After multiple presing on remote to get a response, I try with the button on the side of the device. NOTHING happens again, forcing me to pull the power pack from the Belkin surge protector board for 15 seconds.


I can not use the Power on TV function with my Vodafone TV STB as using the commands as mentioned in the User guide or in the Ninja video does nothing. I put this down to my TV being 9 years old using HDMI version 1.2 (despite using the supplied HDMI cable or another HDMI version 1.4 cable that I have). As I plan to upgrade my TV in 2018, I'm not too concerned with the power on with the STB.


2. On occasion, pressing the Power on button turns on the STB, which get as far as showing the white LED, THEN, it promply turns off again, displaying either a red LED again, which is back to stand-by. Turning on again repeats the entire process... Wash, rinse, repeat.


This could be due to choosing the Power Saving option, which may have a bug in the coding, but have not had the time to try the other option yet.


3. On occasion, I turn on the STB and there are no live view channels displayed at all. Some times the audio is present though. I can bring up the Menu and see channel information, but no video is shown, just the Vodafone TV red graduated background. I can watch anything recorded in My TV list and the Apps also work.


4. On occasion, I receive an error code on the screen displaying SC401. At least I think it was that code as it was displayed so briefly, that if I blinked I missed it. No live channels are displaying for about 30 seconds, then all normal thereafter.


The STB is connected to a brand new Vodafone Ultra Hub (on a 1Gbps Vodafone connection) with an existing Cat-6 Ethernet cable (the supplied cable was too short as is always the case with devices like this) as the STB is about 2 metres from the modem.


Note: when the STB is working, it works properly, and all the content is broadcast quality, and up to 1080p if that content is available at Full HD.


5. Recordings in My TV while working as advertised to record the content, are awkward at best, with the method to actually play the content totally disconnected from what I would consider to be a logical method to playback. As others have mentioned here, the intuitive method would be to actually highlight the box representing the recording and then press OK or Play. Not the actual method of finding the content then scrolling down and finding the Watch Recording button, which is actually missing on some of the recordings. This leads me to believe that I have to subscribe to that content that was shown in the TV Channel list, and allowed me to add to the list of content to record, but has not allowed me to play the content; leading to a frustrating conclusion, forcing me to cancel the show or series.


6. Cancelling any content from TV channels from My TV list leaves Orphaned content on the My TV list, as only some of this content actaully has any method to delete it; that is, there is an actual Delete button, which is not always shown.


7. Some live channels have a lip sync issue in that the audio is a fraction of a second behind the video content. While this may be the content itself, it is very distracting at times.


8. A lack of an Info button on the remote is a backwards step. When displaying a live channel, it would be nice to be able to display the programme synopsis without having to bring up the Menu and then scroll to the middle channel section and then scroll to the channel. A very time consuming method if that channel is a long way down the list.


I am aware that there is a synopsis available if one open the Menu command then scrolls to the channel and highlighs the content. However, this is extremly tiresome. Freview has a better system for this.


9. Keyboard support for a qwerty USB keyboard should have been baked into the OS from the start (it's based on Linux afterall). It's very tiresome when searching via remote or when entering Username and Passwords into Apps that require them. And not all of the apps use the same method of text entry with their alpha numeric widgets.


Vodafone TV STB software version 3.0.30352 updated Sat 4th November 2017.




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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

by Regular Poster causality Regular Poster
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Another issue that has just reared its ugly head is...


I happened to be watching a show on Netflix after a few hours of TV watching when I picked up the remote to pause playback and the STB would NOT pause, no matter how many times I pressed the button. The LED on the STB flashed (which was white), meaning the STB received the remote command, but there was nothing happening.


This is the first time that this has happened while using the Netflix app.


I tried using the back key, the exit key and the menu key and nothing happened with multiple presses of any of those keys.


So, I tried powering off the STB via remote power button, nothing. I tried powering off the STB with the power button on the side of the device, and nothing happened again.


So, again, I was forced to pull the power pack and replug after 30 seconds.


The STB came back on ok and all appears to be working properly again.


I dived into the Settings menu > More settings > Remote > View battery health shows that the remote battery health is OK.


All other settings appear as they should be.


There are no obstructions or bright lights between remote or STB at any time when in use, and the remote HAS NOT been dropped at any time since being in use at this address.


I look forward to reporting more issues that occur going forward... NOT.



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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Fantastic detail - thanks.

Will follow up with the team to get some specific answers.



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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

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by lumpycam Starter Poster
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Hi - a couple of questions.....


Could you provide some information on how to use Watchlists and Bookmarks. I can't seem to find any documentation online.


Would be good to use some form of push notification to devices advising of programme start times for programmes that can't yet be recorded. At least this would provide a bridge while licensing is sorted out.


Any plans for a windows based app?


Many thanks in advance 

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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

by CormacMoran New Poster
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I've setup my new vodafone tv box after a significant hassle actually getting hold of one, despite being a customer for 7 years.


Issue 1 - The Vodafone TV App doesn't load on my Galaxy s7. Occassionaly I get an MG006 error. The only reference to this error message according to Google is this thread

Issue 2 - Personalised Home Page feature, how do I do this? No documentation is available.


Please help


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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

by Regular Poster causality Regular Poster
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I have no problems using the Vodafone TV app on my Galaxy S7 Edge, apart from the app occasionally signing me out after it's been closed...


Word of advice here, don't clear the app cache as this signs one out of the session.


I'm assuming you're using this version of the app


Try uninstalling your current app via Google Play Store and reinstalling it. Or install the above version if you have something else.


Remember to sign in to it with your ISP username and password so that you can access the Vodafone TV service.



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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

by Laurence1979 Starter Poster
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Agree I also have problems with those apps, doesn’t look like they were tested properly prior to release with vtv
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Re: New Vodafone TV - your feedback and questions answered

by Laurence1979 Starter Poster
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Is there the ability to add in other apps such as Neon which I was given a 12mnth subscription too, seems a little bit pointless if I can't use it via vodafone Tv?


can i delete the TVNZ and Three Now apps and reload them from the VTV STB, as they are very slow and do not load, i have to power off and on the STB to get the service working again


at the moment regretting cancelling MYSKY but perservering through the first weeks not helped by taking 4 days and about 2 hours on seperate calls to subscribe to sky sports (yet to resolve)Smiley Mad



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