Vodafone TV frequently drops out

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Vodafone TV frequently drops out

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We get very unreliable vodafone tv.  We are using the vodafone Huawai hg659 and a Linksys re2000 wifi range extender with ethernet from the extender to the tv box.  A speed test using the tv cable got 70 down and 20 up. 


Most of the time the picture is fine but avery couple of minutes it drops out - sometimes for a second or two, other times for longer.  And trying to record one channel while watching another is a waste of time.


I tried powerline adapters instead of the wifi extender but that was worse.


I logged in to the modem  and noticed under Wlan Statistics 5ghz 8 errors , 2.4ghz 1016 error s.  is this likely to be relevant?



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Re: Vodafone TV frequently drops out

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Hi @DaveAnderson


Running the Vodafone Digital TV Recorder over a wifi network is not something we can support.  The unit was designed to work via a wired connection from the router (Huawei) to the Vodafone Digital TV recorder.


The Huawei router should have been installed next to the Vodafone Digital TV recorder when it was installed.  Was this not the case?




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