Vodafone TV app and iOS 11

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Vodafone TV app and iOS 11

by ChrisCameron Starter Poster
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The Vodafone TV app is only 32 bit and, according to iOS 10.3.2, won't be supported on iOS 11.  The app was last updated in April 2015, so has it died an unnatural death, or will there be an update to become a 64 bit app and, therefore, supported by iOS 11?


This is actually a useful app that allows for remote control of the Vodafone TV STB!

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Re: Vodafone TV app and iOS 11

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Hi @ChrisCameron


Thanks for bring this to our attention, we'll get this pass this on to our app developers.



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Re: Vodafone TV app and iOS 11

by Regular Poster dbatten Regular Poster
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Greetings this issue was brought to your attention 28 July - now is now!


Can you update us please on the status of this issue - I use both my Iphone 7plus and the Vodafone App quite a lotSmiley Happy if you aren't going to support it going forward you need to say now - like NOW


thanks db

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Re: Vodafone TV app and iOS 11

by Merino61 New Poster
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i am so surprised that Vodafone hasn’t updated this app.  IOS 11 has been with us for at least a week and I can no longer use  the APP to book programmes, delete programmes or view the programme guide, it does not work with IOS 11.


can you please advise what the developers tomyou back in June and if it is intended to update the app so that it can be used.



Many thanks



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