Skygo Error when on Vodafone Fibre

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Skygo Error when on Vodafone Fibre

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Anyone else having problems running the Skygo app when connected to Vodafone fibre broadband? Tried on 3 different devices and can login but as soon as I try and play content I get an error "The data connection has been lost. Please check your connection and try again." If I turn off wifi on same service, to force 3G data connection, Skygo app works perfectly. Any ideas?

Note: Skygo website works fine on Vodafone fibre broadband, just the Skygo app that doesn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Skygo Error when on Vodafone Fibre

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Hi @gavinyoung


That's really strange. 


We aren't aware of any issues regarding SKYGo.


I'm assuming you've updated the apps to the latest version available.


The only advice I can offer right now is to factory reset your modem.


I'll give it a try myself tonight when I'm home as I have Vodafone Fibre too.


Can you advise what devices you've tried this on, and can you also try to login to the SKYGo website from your mobile devices, even if you can't view content, just see if you get past login.

- Sam

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