SKy Go

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SKy Go

by DavidRobertJones New Poster
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I have sky Tv as part of my Vodafone home line and braodband package but when I go the the SKy go app it tells me I don't have Sky sports so can't watch the football on my Mobile. SKy sports is on the TV right now so clearly is part of the package but can't seem to get the App to believe me.



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Re: SKy Go

by MegAndrews Starter Poster
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i have this same problem, basically even though you "have sky" you have it through Vodafone and now everything must be watched through Vodafone TV including Sport. But the clincher is Vodafone TV app doesnt work unless you are on our home wifi or have a suitably recognised phone. Its crap David you should consider ditching Vodafone TV asap and dont send your Sky Decoders back or they will recharge you to reconnect and send out new decoders! Vodafone TV is a RORT

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Re: SKy Go

by ewanc Starter Poster
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Hi i have vftv and sky go and all works for me..make you have set your sky provider to vodafone on your sky account on i would not ditch vftv. Ive got alot more choice now than i ever had.. and i now have skygo on my android tv so get access to all the sky ondemand content now..
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