Recording programmes

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Re: Recording programmes

by Brownies Starter Poster
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Im going to return to my old system , doesnt suit at all sorry 😬
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Re: Recording programmes

by ElaineBond New Poster
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set top box frequently loses connection and sometimes wont let us watch a recorded programme, even after reset button is pushed and re-booting how do I request a new set top box, cheers

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Re: Recording programmes

by KenBerry Starter Poster
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Like Brownies above, I finally gave up and cancelled the box account with Vodafone and went back to the SKY box about 10 days ago. Vodafone acknowledged there were problems with their box and didn't make too much of a fuss. I rang SKY direct to get a new account number, and they reinstalled My SKY+ box the next day! Vodafone have now included the new SKY account into my overall Vodafone account, just as it was before. It is truly a relief to have a reliable, totally usable box again!!

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