No access with new Vodafone TV

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No access with new Vodafone TV

by Minty1978 Starter Poster
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I've had Sky through Vodafone for years and used to catch up on via skygo on my laptop. Changed to Vodafone TV this week. Now Skygo says that the programme I want to watch is only available to sky customers and, if already a sky customer I should link my account. But it's already linked. There's no option to link in my account profile. Have I lost Skygo on my laptop?

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Re: No access with new Vodafone TV

by lukin Starter Poster
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Unfortunately it seems so. Exactly the same thing happened to me when I switched to Vodafone TV. There is the Vodafone TV app, which works for mobile or tablet but if you're wanting to use a laptop (as I do fairly often) it seems we're **bleep** out of luck Smiley Sad

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