No connection on second set box

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No connection on second set box

by sitruc8481 Starter Poster
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My internet dropped out this morning so was not able to watch at all. On returning home this afternoon the set box in the lounge resumed connection but the second box in a bedroom has not. I have tried everything to get connection back but no luck. Can someone help me please?? I really sick of the connection dropping yet I was told it wouldnt on 4G and 5G.
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Re: No connection on second set box

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi @sitruc8481


Can you please private message me with your Household ID, listed under the Settings/More Settings/System Info menu.

Include the serial number listed on the screen for the STB affected.

It sounds like this STB is connected via wifi extenders?  Were these supplied by Vodafone?

What is the error shown on screen?



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