No Sky on Demand with Vodafone TV

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No Sky on Demand with Vodafone TV

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Customers with Vodafone TV are still waiting. Vodafone. Someone respond. Initial responses like "it is coming" have gone quiet and the silence is deafening We have paid for over a year for an inferior product that does not have all of the features of SKY. As a responsible seller I would suggest one of the following solutions would be appropriate:


1. Let your paying customers know what is happening.

2. Refund customers for the poor quality of product offered.

3. Reduce the price as there are features we are not recieving.

4. Give all of your customers a SKY box so we can access all of the features.


I find it disappointing that the "Ninjas" will jump in and help for small issues but simply refuse to adress this issue. I was told when I purchased your product i would get "all the services that SKY has" yet cannot get On Demand nor can I get Sky Go. Personally seeing all of the complaints on this site I feel as if the Commerce Commission should be looking into the service provided by Vodafone. 


I look forward to a response... maybe

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Re: No Sky on Demand with Vodafone TV

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Thanks for your post. I will get in contact with the product manager and get an answer for you.

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