Issues with Vodafone TV

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Issues with Vodafone TV

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Good morning VF,


I too was an early adopter and ordered the product soon after it was launched. I posted some initial feedback via your FB page and had a response, but none of the issues have been resolved and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Can you please provide a response to the status of the following issues?


1. Fast/forward rewind of programmes with live video rather than an elapsed time. Yes you can do ths 20 seconds at a time using another button, but neither is ideal and a backward step from the previous service. Please confirm you are going to deploy live fast forward/rewind?


2. What OnDemand content can I watch? Are all of the movies reliant upon a Sky Movies subscription - this is not clear.


3. On of the biggest issues with the old service was missing the end of a recorded programme due to recording overlapping content on different channles and I have recently found that watching on catch has the same issue; i.e. towards the end of the programme the viewing switches back to live TV and you have to access the programme again and fast forward from the beginning. Please log this as a fault and advise of your plan to resolve this?


4. Also watching catch-up programmes is there anyway to restart the prgramme from the EPG so that you don't have to switch to the channel, press the OK button and then restart? If you're watching catch-up it is not good having to see the programme half way through as this defeats the object of having the catch-up facility - especially with live sport.


5. I don't have the TVNZ app on my STB and there have been no updates to the firmware since day 1 despite the issues. How do I get TVNZ on my STB?


6. If the STB is left on even for a few hours the picture flickers on and off to a green screen frequently, so I am having to pwer cycle at least once on most days - has this fault been logged and what are the plans to resolve?


7. I am happy with FibreX broadband, but I am very unhappy with the Vodafone TV service. Can I be released from my contract as I have no confidence in a resolution to these issues. I can do better elsewhere.


I look forward to hearing from you with regard to these issues.






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