Green Lines, Pixelation and Freezing

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Green Lines, Pixelation and Freezing

by BevanWilson New Poster
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The last couple of weeks there has been increased green lines and pixelation across all channels and has been getting progressively worse.  Initially I thought it was just one Sport channel but is now across all.


Not long before this began we swapped televisions for a Samsung model but was working fine intially also.  


Any assistance appreciated as highly frustrating





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Re: Green Lines, Pixelation and Freezing

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi @BevanWilson


If you could please PM me your account number, I wil take a look remotely at your unit.



I work in a contractor role for Vodafone in the Media Services Group.

Please note that I am not a part of the social media team and help out on my own time where possible.
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