Anyone with a B315 Router tried an Omni-Directional 4G LTE MIMO External Antenna?

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Anyone with a B315 Router tried an Omni-Directional 4G LTE MIMO External Antenna?

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I posted before regarding this topic and it has been deletd or removed. The moderator doing so did not message me to advise why this is, so I have posted again and screen shot my post for future complaint. I asked a simple question about using my B315 router with an omnidirectional antenna such as the one here:


It's demonstrated here on Youtube. 


I've done some research as naturally I wondered why there are two ports on my B315 router. At the moment we have a Yagi plugged into Port 1 which was fitted by Vodafone over three years ago with an older Huawei router. Since upgrading we get 1-2 bars normally, 3 at night when traffic is less. I'd like to increase our speeds then we dont get buffering when watching movies on Apple TV. 

If you feel the need to remove this post again I'd like to be advised WHY that is please. These are pertinent questions I'm asking about what I feel is the better option after doing research. I don't need a technician here, we are well able to set this up in our own time. I simply need a technician to look at the antenna and add notes here about what Vodafone frequencies are and whether this particular antenna will cut the mustard on Vodafone frequencies in NZ.

As a customer I'm entitled to improve my connection as far as I am concerned after provision of a broadband router and service or should be. I do not know why my post was removed, but will be making a complaint if it happens again and will provide screen shots to management when I do so. I a tired of the way phone staff deal, the way we're updated re better technologies period. As a customer I have NEVER been contacted about uograding to a better router from what I had fited three years ago. You just shove it on your website and no one is the wiser until they dig through the entire website. Yet we should be advised in regular mailers about how we can improve our connections on rural broadband. 

I am asking again, is there a cheaper solution to the antenna I have linked to? I see the benefits of just fitting and leaving an omnidirectional antenna in place as when you upgrade networks it will seek the nearest cell twer to me. Do you even provide a solution loike this or do your technicians provide one? Or are you STILL stickin g directional antenna's on rural properties. As technology improves naturally customers want their home connections to improve and will do what I have just done. Please deal with it and no need to delete posts. Customers are entitled to ask questions here after researching for themselves. Not very professsional of the moderator removing not to advise me what I did wrong either. 


This is the antenna demonstrated in the UK:

Hi, this video shows a 4G LTE Home Broadband Router and how you can increase the internet speeds. I will do a test using the internal in built antenna and then test again using an external antenna to see if the external one performs better. UK Amazon Affiliate for the External Antenna ...
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Re: Anyone with a B315 Router tried an Omni-Directional 4G LTE MIMO External Antenna?

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Hi @Laidir


Your previous post was not deleted. It was archived, Refer to for more INFO on Vodafone community thread archiving. (Your last post was 3 years ago..)


You certainly can try this out if you want. We (obviously) won't provide any support on the same, and if you run into any faults with it, you'll have to sort it out by yourself (as we are not providing this to you, it's something you've done yourself).


As for Vodafone NZ network frequencies, please refer to this site: and I have also listed them below for your convenience:


2G - GSM 900MHz
2G - GSM 1800MHz
3G - 900MHz (U900) in rural and marine areas (up to 120 kms offshore)
3G - 2100MHz (U2100) in urban areas
4G - 700MHz (Band 28)
4G - 1800MHz (Band 3)
4G - 2600MHz (Band 7)


Frequencies available in each area are different depending on what is deployed on the serving cell site in the area. Best if you are going to do this, to find a yagi which supports all of our LTE frequencies and bands listed above.


Right now, we are currently still doing directional yagi installs only, however an RBI MIMO trial project is underway, and dependant on the results of that, this will become a retail offering, hopefully somewhere in the not too distant future Smiley Happy.


Hope this helps.


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