4G/3G but no data

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4G/3G but no data

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I have a Google Pixel and for the last 3 weeks I've been having issues with non responsive data when using 4G and sometimes 3G. 

I orignally noticed the issue at st lukes mall where I had full 4G signal and wasnt able to send messages to my boss over viber, I restarted a few times and toggled airplane mode and despite seing full signal and the 4G icon up top i wasnt able to view any web pages or send messages on allo, hangouts, whatsapp or viber (an sms to my partner worked though)


I forced the phone into 3G mode and everything started working again, I figured there was an issue with 4G in that area. 

I've had this issue pop up again at home at sylvia park and again in botany its at a point where i just leave the phone in 3G mode - I had thought it was the phone itself (despite it working perfectly for months up untill now) so I popped my sim into my partners old S6 while i rolled my Pixel back to a previous software version and had the exact same issues suggesting its the sim or the network (god forbid its the vodafone network though right)

Is there any chance this is a side effect of me moving off a 'high teir' plan to a open term one and being less prioritised? 


I'm not sure where to go from here - any suggestions?

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Re: 4G/3G but no data

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We don't prioritize subscribers based on plan or anything like that.


Can ypu PM me your mobile number, and some examples of date/time and location of when this has happened and we'll investigate. 

- Sam

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