Dedicated Windows Phone My Vodafone App

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Dedicated Windows Phone My Vodafone App

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Hi, I have anokia lumia 930.. Its quite surprising that vodafone NZ doesnt have their app on the windows store. It was available in India. Is there any chance that vodafone will have the app available on the windows store any time soon or is there a way to work around this or some other app that connects us to vodafone nz on the windows store .

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Re: Dedicated Windows Phone My Vodafone App

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Hi there!

Sorry for the late reply! As far as I'm aware, we have no forecasted time for when we might be releasing a My Vodafone app for Windows mobile but I'll pass your feedback on regrdless.

A little work around is you can add a bookmark to the home screen linking to the page and if you set it to auto remember your details, when you launch the shortcut, it'll auto populate and launch straight into the mobile version of My Vodafone online through your browser. It's obviously not quite the same experience but offers the same access as the app. 

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