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what is update on clearnet and paradisenet SPAM problems please.  Mid July has just passed but I still get 100+ a day.  It is not a complete problem as once they hit my computer e-mail account, Outlook, my Norton puts them into a spam folder if missed by clearnet but the remaining problem is that they use capactity and I'm ususually running at 90-95% of my allowable 100MB capacity and need to juggle everyday.    thanks

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Re: spam

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Theres another thread going about this here:


@MikeHaleshas mentioned back on the 17th that (message number 109)

"Just a quick update to this thread that new filters have now been deployed and we're seeing some real improvements in regard to filtering spam. Hopefully you're not noticing anything except the absence of spam!"


Unfortnantally spam emails will always go to a spam folder no matter what. This will happen regardless of any ISP or even Gmail and Outlook. Its done this way in case of false positives. That is emails that look like spam but are not. Filters are only so good.

It would be nice to be able to create our own filters that say "if an email has a certain word in the subject field or even the body of the email (like Viagra or Cialis etc) the just delete the **bleep** thing outright!"


Myself I have seen a dramtic drop in spam that is getting to my inbox but there is still spam in the spam folder that I access via webmail.

I believe that this does delete automaticlally after so many days but I can never find any definative answer on this.

Best I can fine is: "While email stored in this folder is routinely and automatically deleted after a set time"



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