over charged with many different explain

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over charged with many different explain

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Hi on last my bill I got charged $165 extra for 1.5gb data over limited, then I called them ask why plus I didnt recieved a messaged alert if I exceeded my date. Then I ring up and ask then a lady said then cant send a message at night time due law, then I ask her I run my report and she said I was exceeed my limited at 7.45pm but as my knowledge I cant recieved a alert messgae after 10pm. Then one and half week later a lady call me about my bill then I try to explain why I didnt pay my bill because my bill get over charged $165 then she check all my detail that she told me I didnt get charged $165 extra then she ask me to pay my bill by master card by I refused cuz I just want to make sure I didnt get charged extra, then a week later I recived a message the I still get charged $165 extra, then I called about bill department ask why plus I explained what happened and I also explained about my situation, then that person explained about message alert that only work within 48 hour. I belived if you called " message Alert" that message a custumer should receive withinn short time. Other thing didnt make sense that i asked why a lady contact me last 10 days told me I didnt get charged and niw I still get chaged for it? Thenhe said as my recorded no one contact me last 10 days. At this point I thought my account might be hacked because that lady know all my personal detail and my last 2/3 bill. Really disappointed and insecure service plus one problem with many different explanation, really dont what is true. Cheer
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Re: over charged with many different explain

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Good afternoon Tim,


Sorry to hear about your experience so far. Is this for a mobile or Fixed Line connection?

Can you please click on my name and send me a PM with your account number and PIN (please do not post this info on the community).




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