Scam Maybe?

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Scam Maybe?

by KLMPSchofield Starter Poster
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Hi There, 

I have received an email supposedly from Vodafone that is:

Dear customer

on September 9th your account was reported for sending spam messages from an unrecognized device. 

if this wasnt you, please kindly verify email and update your recovery information below to avoid you account from getting disable.

Visit link: (and then there is a link "CLICK HERE TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT"

NOTE: the above link will expire in 6 hrs, and account will be deactivated if not updated. 




the email this has come from is (it came up because of the spam setting i guess and so says "always display images from ...... Otherwise it came up as Vodafone in the "Sender" part at the top of the email. 




What do I do???

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Re: Scam Maybe?

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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If the return path is " " then its a scam.

DO NOT click on any links and DO NOT enter any details if you have.


You can forward as an attachement to vodafone so it can be added the the spam filters but considering they losing the email system I wonder if this is worth while doing now.


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Re: Scam Maybe?

by KLMPSchofield Starter Poster
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Thanks heaps! 

I guess I wouldnt want anyone else to read that and worry and automatically click the link!

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