Redirection of old ihug email accounts to new gmail account not working

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Redirection of old ihug email accounts to new gmail account not working

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Hi.  When Vodafone switched off ihug email accounts I set up a new gmail email address, and provided that to Vodafone by setting up a redirection on all my subaccounts, so any emails to the old addresses would be automatically forwarded.  


Initially this worked very well then I noticed a big reduction in recieved emails compared to the old system of receiving them through vodafone.


Now I am noticing some of the ihug alias or subaccounts I have are no longer being redirected to my gmail account. one stopped in December and the others in January and February.


Now I receive email redirected from only two of the IHUG email accounts I have. 


I have missed many important email and now am dealing with late payment of bills and missed appointments due to no redirection.


I understood that this forwarding service would continue as long as I was a Vodafone customer.   I've now found that emails to some of my ihug subaccounts are bouncing back to the sender, or not being forwarded.  I ran a test email to each redirected subaccount and find only two old ihug redirected email addresses actually arrive at my gmail account. What has happened to the forwarding service?

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