Prepay 9 and Fantastic Fridays

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Prepay 9 and Fantastic Fridays

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I had a Fantastic Friday which had 1000 mb of data- not off pk or anything like that.. just casual mbs.
6 days worth of the F.F was well but the last day with it (I checked the app every few hours to make sure it still said '1 day') but charged me the rest of the amount of credit i 'had'. 
I am wondering if i am in the wrong? or if it sucked the credit i was going to use for my next top up out Smiley Surprised vodafone.JPG

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Re: Prepay 9 and Fantastic Fridays

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yeah the same thing happened to me one time so now i try to make sure i use it 1 day BEFORE it ends Smiley Wink

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