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I have toppedone up my account $80 and have the confirmation code to say it has been accepted. 83651567. When I log on to my vodafone app it is still saying it is outstanding and I have a couple of days to pay it. I do not want to wake up in 3 days time and have to pay a fee because of a late payment, as I paid it this morning. The app also won't show/load my bill to see how much I owe (even though I know how.much it is) but I am just worried I will get charged.

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Re: Payment

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Hi Mark,


It can take a little while for My Vodafone to update after making the payment.


The late payment fee is not charged as soon as the bill goes overdue, but if it's still showing unpaid when the bill goes overdue, can you PM me your phone number or account number and we can look further into it.

- Sam

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